Friday, August 5, 2011

Individuality: The True Meaning of It

"There is no individuality if your idea of different is to follow the trend" - Maurice Kain Carter

Hey everyone, Chris Alford here with a new blog entry. Today's topic: Individuality. Now, I've been waiting to do this one since I started Important Things That Are More Than A Status. A lot of trends have been out; from skinny jeans to nerd glasses to even big over the ear headphones. Now I watched this video from hotdamnirock's YouTube channel called "Cut The CRAP!!!" I really did like his video because he talks about how people try to be different, but they look the same because they're following the trend that everyone follows. Some of these fads are still around, while others you barely see. So with that said, check out his channel and let's start.

So the first one that we're gonna talk about is the skinny jeans fad. I can't give you an
origin of this fad mainly because I can't find it. All I can remember from my experience was that it started around 2007 or 2008. At first it was kinda cool. Soon it got weird and annoying. I can say that I do own a couple pairs of skinny
jeans, but I don't wear them anymore. To me it seems weird for guys to wear them. And I say that because of a good reason:

1. They're tight: We're guys... guys+skinny jeans= nutter huggers. Our balls need their space.

I think its alright for girls to wear them because they're meant for them. They have a slim fit for their legs. Another person experience, I had a wedgie one time from trying to walk in them.

Next is the nerd glasses fad. This look started in 2009 with celebrities wearing the big Steve Urkel, nerd glasses. Its actually really annoying. If you have 20/20 vision, then why do you need glasses? I wear glasses and I actually need them. After celebrities wear the nerd glasses, its officially cool. Its time for the cool kids to wear them and look even cooler. In my eyes, you look a little stupid. And then you got people who wear the nerd glasses, but with the lenses popped out. Yup... a waste of money right there. Time to be part of the fad, but I'm gonna one-up everyone by popping out the lenses. Now someone tell me this, WHAT IS THE POINT OF DOING THAT? As I remembered in high school, aren't nerds not popular? So y'all cool kids are gonna look cool by looking like nerds... I must be the coolest person then, because I was a nerd. In fact, nerds must be cooler that the cool kids because we thought of it first... +1 for the nerds!!!!!

Finally, there is the recent headphones fad. This just happened in 2008 (celebrities got them first). It's 2011, and the fad grew extremely fast. Thanks to celebrities and athletes, teenagers and probably some older and younger people were wearing over the ear headphones. I remember this year when I was in school, I saw a good chunk of the student body with over the ear headphones. Some weren't even Beats by Dr. Dre; some were Skullcandy, jWin, and many others. This lasted for about a good month. Now once again, we do this kinda of stuff to be cool, and to be different. Just because we see celebrities and athletes wear certain things doesn't make it cool. They have tons of money to blow on those types of things. Beats by Dr. Dre over the ear headphones cost $199.99 at Best Buy. I know I'm not paying $200 on some headphones, and for any regular person who actually brought them must be crazy to spend that much for some headphones. Go buy some Skullcandy headphones; they're only about $10-$30. Fads are pointless to a point.

So what can we learn from this. Fads are pointless. They come and go. When you're part of a fad, you not an individual. You know what you are; you're part of the crowd of millions that are part of the fads. Be an individual and be different from everyone. It might seem like your a weirdo for being different, but that is what people think. Its all about you think. If you feel that you are your own person by being different, then that is all you need. Soon these will leave, and I'll be happy when they are. This is Chris Alford, and that is what I have to say.

Beats by Dr. Dre © Dr. Dre


  1. lol this is soo true.
    1. I absolutely hate skinny jeans on guys
    2. I really don't like the glasses either.
    3. I absolutely love headphones, but I'm not into the $200 ones. Everytime I go to the store, I always run to the clearance section.

    This topic got me thinking about people today honestly. So many people are followers now and kids make a point to tease other kids who try to be leaders. Just because somebody wants to be unique doesn't give the right for others to judge them. I like this post :)

  2. I like what your saying Alfredo.
    1. I digg the skinny jeans because they show off your sneaks and shoes better. Skinny jeans on guys...i mean if they fit the guy like they tights or something then i have a problem. certain guys can get away with the look.
    2. The "nerd glasses" I think of them as being old school. My parents were born in the 50's and the 60's & thats the way the glasses were shaped.
    3. Ain't no way in hell will i pay over $20 dollars for a pair of headphones anyway.

  3. Samantha, that is true. A lot of kids/teenagers want to be part of the "in" crowd. By doing that, they'll lose their individuality. Some people can be extremely judgmental of people who act differently from them. Some celebrities make certain products popular. If Dwight Howard wears Beats headphones, then other people will get those headphones. In society today, we need more kids that want to be leaders.

  4. f893e4d4-c071-11e0-8e06-000bcdcb8a73, I like your point of view on this. It gives it a more detailed explanation on this topic and you give your opinion. You called me Alfredo, so I have a feeling I know you. Would you mind telling me your name?