Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We All Have A Chain; A Chain of Memories

Hey I'm Chris, and let me tell you what I have to say. We've all have great experiences and bad experiences as well. Even when we're not at that place anymore or miss the people that are gone, we'll always have the memories of them. Think of it as a chain of memories. I will say this right now that I do know that there is a game called Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I know that and I have it. So part of the title wasn't original. Now, without further ado, hit the play button to hear a song that goes well with this. Let's begin.

Here's An Update

Hey everyone, this is Chris and let me give you a little update. As you can tell, I haven't posted any new blog posts in a while. That is because I've been busy with school. What can I say, school has kept me busy in so many ways. Next, I do have drafts of blogs on blogger; they will be out as soon as I finish them. I do have new ideas for posts, so suspect them to be out in the future. Also, I'm asking you, the reader, to send in questions for the blog. One of these questions could be a future blog entry. You can ask me questions about your personal life (I will not put your name out there), or about something that has been on your mind for a while. How do you send your questions? Here's how: