Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cyberbullying... Can't Explain It Any Other Way

"If you bully somebody face to face, and they get upset, you see them cry and be hurt. When it's over the Internet, you can't see the emotional reaction and go along thinking it's no big deal."

-Robin Kowalski

Hey everyone, Chris here with a very important topic today; cyberbullying. This is for everyone who is being bullied through the internet, whether through Facebook, MySpace, or any other social networking websites. This blog is for the people who have thought of harming themselves or taking their lives because of cyberbullying. These social networks were
meant to be used for connecting with old friends, new friends, and making strong connections with people. However, some people don't use it as a friendship maker; they use it as a tool of bullying. As the quote says, when people bully others face to face, you can see the emotions. When you bully people through the internet or via texting, no emotion can be seen. So that bully won't
think they're actually bullying someone.

What is cyberbully? Cyberbullying is when someone uses the internet, or text messages (social networking websites, email, etc.) to bully or harass someone. This can have a extreme effect on someone. Not only is that one bully attacking you, there are other people who jump on it and attack you. It's just like being against an army of people who hate you. It might not be people who you even know. In fact, that person might be bullying you because of a rumor they made up or heard. It's hard to tell your side of the story when people believe in rumors and lies they heard from someone else.

Personally, I don't like bullies. I don't understand why some people attack others because they're different. That makes me angry. But still I watched the movie Cyberbully on ABC Family. When I
watched it, I was absolutely shocked at what I saw. It wasn't right. I was even more shocked at how other people jumped on the bullying train and attacked her. So what is the best thing to do. Tell someone. There is nothing wrong with asking people for help, especially when you need it. Help can benefit you in these types of situations. And always remember to watch what you say on the internet, no matter who you are. Also, don't believe in rumors. Ask the person that the rumor is about if its true or not. This is Chris Alford, and that is what I have to say.

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