Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who Just Made the iPhone Useless? This Guy!

Hey everyone, this is Chris_sez with a little post about something amazing I did with my iPod Touch 4th generation.  If you previously read my article "The Apple Product Triplets," you will more likely know that I have some issues with the iPhone and how, in my point of view, is like an iPod Touch 4th generation, but with a bill attached with it.  Remember that this is my opinion; you do not have to agree with it if you do not want to.  I recently found an app in the App Store called Talkatone, which you can call people for free.  I have both a Google Voice account and the app that corresponds with it, but I could only text with the Google Voice app.  In order for me to make calls on my iPod, I had to download the Talkatone app.

Is the app useful?  Does it work?  Do I like it?  To answer all three of these questions, I would say yes!  This app works well in WiFi and 3G areas (only used WiFi so far), the call quality is superb, and it does connect to your Google Voice account.  The negative side of this app is that it does have a little lag to it, there are ads, and it might be hard to use at first.  My solution for that is to just play with the app for a while to understand it more.  I've actually called a lot of people on the app and even a store to ask for books.  I recommend this app to anyone that doesn't want to get an iPhone or just wants to make free calls on an iPod.  In the end, do you want to waste money on an iPhone + a two year contract, or just get an iPod touch and get this app?  This app is free, and you pay for the ad free version of it; however, the ads aren't a pain at all.  With that said, I'm Chris and that is what I have to say.

Talkatone © 2011 TalkMe.IM Inc.

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