Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Survived the Earthquake of 8/23/2011

Well, this is Chris here with a special blog. Today (August 23, 2011), an earthquake happened. Where did it happen? Well it originally happened in Virginia. This was a 5.9 earthquake. The effects of the earthquake spread throughout the east coast hitting Washington D.C. and many other places. Where was I during the earthquake? I was in a car going to the store. At first, I thought the car was in a dip, since we parked on a slope. Wasn't the case. When I came home, that's when I found out about that an earthquake occurred. On Facebook and Twitter, people were spazzing out and talking about how their phones were out. Now, I live in Philadelphia, and a earthquake never occurs here. So I can understand how people were freaking out. But it went a little out of hand. I understand having news reports on the quake and explaining it to people that we didn't get the full effect. People were talking about 2012 being real and radio station here in Philly were playing Jesus Walks by Kanye West. That is just taking it to far and trying to put fear into people. The people in Japan and Haiti deal with bigger earthquakes. So before people start the 2012 conspiracies, remember the people of Japan and Haiti that dealt with the big earthquakes. Our earthquake was a 5.9 magnitude quake. We kinda felt it here in Philadelphia. Also think about the people in Virginia. I'm Chris, and that is what is I have to say.
P.S.: This is my opinion, so don't attack me. Thanks!

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