Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Time Has Come; The Day That Starts Your New Life

"I'm gonna reach for the stars
Although they look pretty far
I'm gonna find my own way
And take a chance on today..." - Jean Paul Makhlouf and Alexander Makhlouf from the band Cash Cash

My first year of college has started. This is a huge transition from high school. Its time to get in gear and give it everything I got. But before that, I want to give thanks to high school and the people I've met. Some people will get thanks, while other won't get jack squat. So without further ado, hit play on that YouTube video below. After you done that continue reading.

Thank you high school for so many things. You got me prepared for college, you allowed me to meet new people and have great times. And of course thanks for the classes; they were very helpful. For the people, thanks. The friends that I made in high school has help me become the person that I am today. They were there for me in the best of times and some of them saw me when I was in the darkness. Josh, you're a true friend. I know you can't read this now, but when you see this you'll like it. Angel and Kunrasy, you're my sisters and I'll always have your backs since y'all had my back. Devani, you've seen me at the peak of my anger and helped me fight a demon known as rage. You defended me when I needed it. Thanks. There are so many of people who had a huge impact on me in high school that I can get everyone. Thank you everyone who was there for me. I'm gonna miss y'all and I hope everyone succeeds in what they want to do/ already doing. To the people who treated me like crap and bullied me, you can piss off. I was actually say something much worse and point out some people, but I'll be nice and not put a target on your backs.

Moral of the story, some people aren't meant to be in you life forever. They're only here for a season. You know when you find your true friends. The people that have you back through thick and thin, those are you friends. Its only been two days of classes and I've met so many people. Socializing is the key to the normal life of college. That and study for success. This closes the chapter on high school and opens the next and brand new chapter. This one will be a grand adventure known as college. I'm Chris and that is what I have to say. Check out the other blogs, follow it via blogger or email. Spread the word about it as well. Special thanks to Samantha for spreading the word about this blog on her own blog. Also, I'm planning on creating a new blog just for Gaming and Top 10's. If you want that then please leave a comment below. I love my readers!!!


  1. Super yes for the Gaming and Top 10's blog :D
    And aww, your welcome
    Also, it's always good to stop by and thank the one's who helped you tremendously throughout life.

  2. Hey, Chris. This is great how you put this all together. You blog pretty much reflected the same mood I had about my friends and life in high school. You're a great friend too and deserve the best. I love how you told us readers to play the video and continue reading it. I was like when is the video gonna start. But I see what you did there. Epic sound track while we read a great post. Awesome.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks Charles that means a lot to me for you to say that. I felt it was time to make that blog. And thanks Sam. I want to talk to you about the gaming blog whenever you get a chance.