Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Support: Giving It & Not Overdoing It

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Today we are going to talk about support, giving it and to not overdo it. You're probably wondering; Why is there a picture of King of The Hill on here? Is this a show review? Well to answer the second question, no this is now a show review. For the first question, this is a scene from the episode Bad News Bill*. In this episode, the main theme is support. If you watched the show from the beginning, you see that Hank Hill doesn't really support his son Bobby for many reasons (just watch the show if you haven't). In this episode, it can really be seen. One example is that the coach tells Hank that he wasn't supportive of Bobby when it comes to baseball. Now this is true, and Peggy tells Hank that he wasn't that much of a supportive father.

The coach now gives Bobby support and this is where we shall start at. It was alright for the coach to give Bobby support, since Hank wasn't giving it. It helped Bobby gain confidence, and that has to be the best product of support. However, the coach overdid the support. It made Bobby think he was a very good player (which he isn't). So to simplify what the coach did, he got his expectation up too high.

Now what we need to learn to do is to give support but to not overdo it. Just like with the coach, there is a chance that we may give that person extremely high expectations. With that, when that person fails, they'll feel like crap. See what you can learn from television. That's all for this one. My opinion on this is that give support from the beginning. And to remember to say things out of love. If the person is bad at something, say it out of love and talk about the things they are good at. You're helping them out by telling them the truth and not giving them an illusion.

This is Chris Alford signing off!!!

King of The Hill © FOX, Mike Judge, and Greg Daniels

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  1. lol excellent point. I'm definitely sharing this on twitter. In other words, it's good to be a true friend.