Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Strange Power of Contradictions in the Media

My name is Chris Alford, and a new blog entry is finally in. Today, I'm going after television. To be a little more specific MTV. Now before anyone says that I'm hating for some reason, I'm not; I'm telling my point of view. Now let's start!!!!

We all know that MTV (Music Televisi
on) plays more than just music. Shows like The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Skins, Teen Wolf, and True Life are played on here. Some of these shows promote certain things, such as safe sex, abstinence, drug awareness, and many other things. However; these shows that promote awareness and safety also contradict themselves. Lets look at RJ Berger for a moment.

The Hard Times of RJ Berger is a really good show. Its really understandable; the
nerd on his journey to popularity though different ways; especially with his "god-given gift". A lot of the first season is based on RJ trying to get the crush of his life and dreams Jenny Swanson. In the process, he tries (Season 1 finale) to lose his V-Card*(I think everyone knows what that is). He loses it to his friend Lily. I believe that this season promoted sex A LOT!!! Season 2 does the same thing, but tones it down a little. Season 2 continues where season 1 left off. RJ gets Jenny, they break up, RJ goes through a lot of crap (parents splitting, etc.), and hooks up with a hot junior named Amy. This isn't a review, so lets get to the point. The season ends on a good note; parents back together, he's Mr. Pinkerton and he gets Amy. What could go wrong..... SHOULD
OF NEVER SAID THAT. Lily tells RJ that she's pregnant.... AND HE'S THE FATHER!!!!!

Now what was the point of this? This show contradicts itself. Certain episodes promote sex through various characters having sex. On the other hand, they promote the consequences in many ways as well (Lily being pregnant, Miles catching a STD). This probably sends mix messages to the viewers. Next up is Skins.

Now I really don't need to give a background on this show.... it was confusing for me. I missed episodes 2 and 3, but after that I watched the others. What can I say, its nothing but sex. If it isn't sex, its the characters doing drugs or trying to have sex. This show really does promote sex. I've only seen on one occasion where they attempted to show the consequences (Tony giving Michelle and Tea chlamydia).

That's it for this blog. What can we learn from these shows. They contradict themselves, but they're here because we as viewers like this and watch it. But its our jobs to not act out the things that happen on television. Realize and remember this; television is scripted and life isn't. The screw-ups that happen on television are on a piece of paper. Never base the things you do on a television show. I realize I went after MTV, but there are other shows and networks that do the same thing. I'm Chris Alford, and this is definitely bigger than a status.

*V-Card: Virginity
The Hard Times of RJ Berger © 2010 MTV & David Katzenberg
Skins © 2011 MTV & Bryan Elsley
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