Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I've Returned from the Woods of Life!!!

Hello everyone. I'm Chris and let me tell you what I have to say.  I would like to welcome everyone back to the blog, whether you're an old reader or brand new to the blog.  You're probably wondering what has happened to me during this year long hiatus.  Well...

1. Practicum
2. School
3. Work
4. More school
5. Sleep
6. DirectGamers

As you can probably tell, I've been relatively busy throughout this year, and I know I have neglected this blog for a very long amount of time.  I will make sure to post more often, but I will not have a schedule for when I post.  As for the time being, please bear with me and my insanity as I have work/school and other matters to attend to.  I truly appreciate that you guys have put up with me and the super hiatus.  With that said, I'm Chris and that is what I have to say.  See you around!!!

Oh yeah.  I sucked it up and finally got an Instagram.  So follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Chris_sez.  Now I'm done.

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