Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Change: It Happens To All of Us

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I just got my haircut and it feels good to
have it. I feel like I've changed during these
few months after graduation. And that is what we're gonna talk about today; Change. We all go through change, no matter what. We can have good change or bad change. And when it comes to change, some people can't handle it or the people around you don't want you to change. The fact that you're changing is something good. This can vary from the style of clothes you wear (ex. Cartoon T-shirts to polos), or the way you think; which shows you're maturing. Change is also a good form of showing maturity. Let's begin.

Well start with an example. I'll use myself. When it comes to me and chang
e, I stopped doing certain things that were childish, such as getting excited over things. Anime has been taken out of my system as if it was a drug (I was an otaku when I was 16 and 17 years old). I actually started to watch sports (especially soccer), and I like it. There are many other things that I could say that shows my form of change, but it would probably take long to go through. What I learned about myself through this change was that I was becoming more and more one-dimensional as the days went on. Before, I didn't talk to people that much unless it was about anime, and games. Its a good thing I learned now before my fall semester starts.

Now with change, some people might not like it. Once again I'll use myself
as an example. Yesterday, one of my associates talked to me on Facebook (she texted me a lot the same day, but I never answered). She thought that since I'm
going to college, I'm gonna change and not talk to her anymore. After that we argued and she told me to do whatever I want. There's a lack of maturity right there. I say that because Her anger sparked very quickly and she didn't take into consideration that I'm in college, and you're a sophomore in high school. I'm going to be very busy with a lot of stuff, and it doesn't really look right for me to talk to someone who is so young. I have just the video for what I just said.*

In conclusion, change is going to happen no matter what. Some people will like it, while others won't. But does it really matter what others think of your change? My opinion, no. My reason for saying that is because people will have their opinions about you, whether you change or not. Some people might say that your faking this change, or that you're the same person that I've know. Others might say I like this new version of you, or that you really matured. Change for yourself and change because you want to.

This is Chris Alford signing off!!!

*She too you for you if.... by Jerry LaVinge Jr.

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